I am Hridya, the owner of this blog. Living in India till my 25th year, my parents, brother and I have covered quite a few places in the country. This continued after I got married and seems like we are Sadaa Sancharis – people who keep moving from one place to another, all our lives. After my wedding, I moved to Malaysia, East Malaysia (Miri) to be precise in 2009 and it opened up a whole lot of opportunities for us to explore as a couple.

After 2011, we have been joined by our little girl who is an enthusiastic travel addict and we have great fun exploring and visiting places in this region.

On the left is our enthusiastic little girl with her papa, on the right is me.
On the left is our enthusiastic little girl S with her papa A, on the right is me, H.

In this blog, you can get to read about the various places we have been to in Asia. The focus will be more towards family-friendly and kid-friendly activities. We have entered our 8th year in Malaysia and loving every bit of it. So if you have any queries about moving to Malaysia, education, work, lifestyle – leave me a message!

Although the main focus of this blog will be Asia, since the husband travels a bit, thanks to his job, you can get to read about spectacular places that might not really be a favourite on your tourist map. Trust me, there is more to a country than it appears from the outside. Fear not, to visit and stay in a country out of the tourist radar. You will be surprised to find how welcoming people actually are.

Why is the blog called Coins N Maps?

Well, at the end of each trip we do, we are left with loads of memories, and lots of coins, currency notes and maps of the country/city we have visited. So, when I look at my “souvenirs” that we have collected over the years of our trips, I would like to say that the coins and the maps are also a kind of souvenir for me. Would you not agree with us?

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Looking to hear from you soon! Happy travels!