And I am back!

I created this blog as an experiment, but upon trying I found it very difficult to use and moved to blogger. So I started off my hobby blog and it still stays. After 5 years of creating this blogsite, I came back. I want to make this my travel blog. As a family, we travel quite a lot, my husband travels a lot for work and we go on short vacations to various places in South east Asia (around Malaysia where we live). Earlier it was just me and A (the husband), but ever since our little girl came aboard, she took to travelling like a duck takes to water. She loves to go out on trips, short or long and very cooperative, I will mention her as S in the blogs 🙂

2015-04-20 06.23.03

In all these years, we have covered Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka and now Cambodia. I could write about each and every trip but our recent visit to Siem Reap compelled me to restart this blog. I am sure there will be many more places we will visit and I will surely keep updating.

The sunrise at Angkor Wat was so mesmerising, one of the many reasons I came back to this blog.

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