Interview by Wanderlust StoryTellers


I recently got interviewed by Jolene of Wanderlust Storytellers as she was doing a series on family travel bloggers who also did budget travel.

If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to travel within budget, how to cover a lot of places but still not burst your budget and more importantly, travelling with your child/children, read the interview. You can read the full text of the interview here

Thanks Jolene for the chance!

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9 thoughts on “Interview by Wanderlust StoryTellers”

  1. We find such posts so inspiring, its great to know that parents do not give up their passion for travelling after kids. We too have travelled with our daughter to more than 15 countries now, our daughter joining us since she was 6 months old. Its great to travel as a family 🙂

    1. True that Rashmi & Chalukya. We need to start early, kids love it, am sure your little one also enjoyed her trips. Children receive the best knowledge through travel.

  2. Great interview and tips for traveling with kids on a budget. My son know has to learn about the budget. Ever since we went to an all inclusive he thinks he can order as many smoothies as he wants everywhere!

  3. Knowing how to save money, especially when you travel as a family is so important. Otherwise, costs really add up quickly, but luckily, even small savings can add up quickly too.

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