Langkawi – Planning an Itinerary

This was our second trip to Pulau Langkawi or Langkawi Island, the pearl in the state of Kedah. We had been there in Sept 2013, I presume that was the peak season and Feb comes under the off-peak season. I will be comparing both the visits so readers will find it helpful when it comes to planning your trip.

We covered a few more places this time so I will be able to give a better insight into how you can build your itinerary.

Langkawi – the meaning of the name can be broken down as follows: Lang comes from the word Helang, the malay word for Eagle, Kawi is the malay word for the earthy brown colour so together it comes to mean, the brown coloured eagle. Yes, you can see quite a large number of such “kawi” coloured helang (eagles) in the island.


How to go:

You can reach Langkawi by boat/ferry or by air. There are several flights in a day from Kuala Lumpur, Penang and a lot of operators fly in and out of the island, so you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a flight.

The other option is to go by ferry, you can either go from Penang or Alor Setar or Satun in Thailand to name a few…The ferry ends at the Jetty Point in Kuah, with the iconic Eagle (Helang) welcoming you to the island!

We took the ferry last time from Penang and did not have a very good experience; hence I will not recommend the ferry for people who are prone to motion sickness, travelling with children because it can become a 2.5 hour ordeal instead! The flight is easier and quicker in that sense.  Domestic travel in Malaysia now requires expats to carry their passports or iKad or iPass (iPass is no longer given out to expats, it has been replaced by iKad, we used our iPass since we don’t have an iKad yet)

Once you reach the island, it is advisable to rent a car at the airport or through some private operators because it is not very common that you see taxis plying in the city.

Off-season rates are around RM 70 per day for cars like Toyota Vios. Peak season rates can be double that rate but the car can be a very basic one like Myvi or Mitsubishi Mirage!

Where to stay?

There are a whole lot of amazing places to stay in Langkawi, we stayed at Century Hotel Helang (formerly One Hotel Helang) and their room charges are jaw-droppingly low! Check out for offers and promotions. Let me list down the pros and cons of staying at this hotel – why we chose this one both times instead of trying out a new place to stay.


Right next to the airport

Equidistant from all places of interest

Rooms are quite big

Competitive pricing

Good breakfast spread

Friendly staff

You can see airplanes take off and land all day long!


If you wish to be at the centre of all the action, Pantai Cenang is where you might want to stay. Or if you like seclusion, then you could try staying on the Rebuk Island (Vivanta by Taj) or Sheraton.

If you are not interested in airplane watching, this hotel is not for you. Food is not available right outside this hotel, drive down about 1.5 km – 2 km and you will find a few roadside vendors.

I actually am unable to list any negatives for this place, trying to make up some hahaha.

OK, let’s leave that for now. I am listing down the places that I recommend a visit to. I will write in detail in the blog posts to follow…

  1. Sky Cab and Sky Bridge
  2. Tanjung Rhu
  3. Pantai Cenang
  4. Mahsuri Tomb
  5. Telaga Tujuh/7 wells waterfall
  6. Pantai Kok
  7. Mangroves
  8. Dataran Lang/Taman Legenda
  9. Kuah Jetty Point
  10. Kuah town for shopping
  11. Datai Bay – Beaches in this area

So, do you have any suggestions to add to this list? Do let me know!

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