Madras Day – What It Means To Me!

madras day

It is the 377th birthday of the city of Madras, presently Chennai. In the year 1639, the Madras Presidency was born and the city exists to this day, 377 years later. The city has evolved from its conservative nature to a more cosmopolitan one today. 

Madrasi – Yeah, we are!

People used to call us Madrasi, yeah we were from Madras and we are Madrasi! Haha. We take pride in that term fellas. It is Madras Day today and I could not stop myself from sharing with my friends and followers, a few titbits of my city.

My daughter S was born in Madras (no I prefer to use Madras even if the city was rechristened Chennai, years ago, because as you can see the image at the top – Madras is an Emotion!) She prefers to say she hails from this city rather than any other city in India. My husband A is more a Madrasi than I am, he listens to Tamil songs, is an ardent Tamil movie “rasigan” (fan) .

Words fail me in bringing out the true emotions attached to this specific day. In this post, I share with you some sights of my beloved city, the city where I grew up in.

madras day
Sights and Smells of the city – PC Ajay Ramani

There is a huge truckload of memories that I rummage into everytime I visit India. I always take back with me to KL, my second home, a piece of memory that will remind me of my “Madrasi” roots.

madras day
Valluvar Kottam, Nungambakkam

These are some iconic structures that are part and parcel of the city today.

madras day
AnnaNagar Tower

This is the place we spent almost all our weekends at, Anna Nagar Tower Park. A structure built in the 1950s and stills stands strong today – this tower has been featured in many a Tamil movie, Walter Vetrivel; Vaaranam Aayiram to name a couple.

madras day
Marina Beach

Last but not the least, Marina Beach – this is a part and parcel of every citizen of Madras. The beach is always a part of each and every one living in this beautiful city.

After the floods last December, this Madras Day I value my city much more. The entire city was drowning but it was the people who lifted her up.

A medley of different smells wafting across – be it the fragrant Mallipoo (Jasmine flower) or the addictive aroma of the filter coffee in each and every household. You need to be there to experience it.

So before I sign off, here is a tribute to the city on her “birthday”!

Happy Madras Day!

16 thoughts on “Madras Day – What It Means To Me!”

  1. This is so sweet! We celebrated Singapore’s National Day recently as well, so I’m totally with you on all the patriotic feels (: Lovely pictures too!

    1. It has become cosmopolitan over the years… was very conservative earlier on.. we used to get stared at for wearing western clothes, sigh! But it is changing now!

  2. It’s obvious that you take a lot of pride in your home city! Looks like a great place to grow up and a fun place to visit too! Thanks for sharing.

  3. So interesting to learn about your city and I really appreciate the emotion in this post! It looks like such a beautiful day to celebrate and I loved the video 😀

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