An evening at Taman Tasik PutraJaya

PutraJaya, the political capital of Malaysia, is not only all serious but there can be a fun tourist spot as well.  A very well-planned city, around 30 km from where we stay. While the politicians work hard on the weekdays, it is all fun in the sun during weekends. Many an Indian movie has been shot here, mostly for the song dance sequence. Especially in front of the PM’s office. There is also a huge bridge that welcomes you to this place – Seri Wawasan Bridge, a very elegant but futuristic looking bridge I thought. This bridge is lit up at night and it is truly a treat to the eyes.

Seri Wawasan Bridge
Seri Wawasan Bridge

Now, the lake has been made a tourist spot – how? Boat rides/cruises all through the day! It is called the Cruise Tasik Putrajaya. We chose the Perahu Dondang Sayang. It costs around RM 40 for tourists and half that rate for locals AND this can be claimed by expats who are living here. All you need to do is carry your iKad or iPass or the dependant visa (your passport basically). Special days such as Federal Day or Merdeka might have special offers so do check that out. The ride lasts for about 30 minutes, you can collect the tickets at the counter, choose the type of boat you want to ride in.


The boat goes from the station to near the Mosque, then towards the PM’s office and then turns around to show you the PM’s residence and then straight on till the bridge.

Putra Mosque
Putra Mosque with the PM Office in the background

You can see a lot of government office buildings during the course of your ride. Soak it all up mates! It is a wonderful ride…

Malaysian PM Office during the day
Full view of Malaysian PM Office during the day

For more info on what you will be covering, you can go here

Now, after we finished the boat ride, we headed towards the mosque because the last time we were at Putrajaya, we had a whale of a time with the activities that were available – cycling, battery operated car driving, scooters, skating and what not! But this time, we visited during the Chinese New yr holiday and all this was not available, so sad!

Putra Mosque by night
Putra Mosque by night

This is how the Seri Wawasan bridge looks like, well into the night.

Bridge by night!
Bridge by night!


Well, we did have the chance to have a good look at everything there. And to top it all, a cinema shooting unit had arrived. No prizes for guessing – it was an Indian film unit, and to top it all it was a tamil movie that was being filmed, we went up to the unit and also chatted with the “hero” of the movie.

Film Shooting!
Film Shooting!

Apparently, he was Actor Jayaram’s son Kalidas and was shooting for the movie – “Meenkuzhambum Mannpanaiyum” He spoke to us very well and we wished him good luck, he even obliged for a photo opportunity.

With Kalidas
With Kalidas

Ah! i forget – you can have some refreshments a level below the ground, you have a wide variety of cuisines to choose from.

Now, apart from the activities on the “ground”, at the area where we bought tickets for the cruise/boat ride, you have a few more things going on. I am not sure what to call it but those were activities both kids and adults would enjoy. Weekends and holidays mean lots of activities at PutraJaya, it varies each time so do not hesitate to explore and enjoy! Have fun!


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10 thoughts on “An evening at Taman Tasik PutraJaya”

  1. That office looks really great, much grander than 10 Downing St in the UK! I’m always envious and amazed at Asian architecture, mosques are so very beautiful on the outside, I’ve never been inside one before, but imagine they must be very great inside too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. unfortunately we havent seen what it looks like inside, presume it has great interiors as well hehe.

  2. Malaysia looks like such a stunning country! Parliament buildings kind of fascinate me – I’ve just been to Budapest and the Hungarian parliament building is stunning too.
    lily kate x

  3. Nice to see a refreshing perspective of Malaysia. I think I will enjoy the boat cruise in the evening, lovely way to see the city’s skyline. The Putrajaya mosque looks so exquisite in the evening glow.

    1. Thanks for reading my post. Yes you will definitely enjoy the evening and the views this place has to offer.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sumti. Tourists cannot enter inside the building, we can only snap pictures from outside unfortunately.

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