Royal FLORIA at Anjung Floria, PutraJaya

The Annual Royal Flower Show is currently underway in PutraJaya at Anjung Floria, Precint 4. This show started on May 27th 2016 and will go on until June 4th 2016. After seeing all the adverts and the website, I presumed this will be a very top-class event. I hoped I could get to see a wide variety of flora and also learn a little bit. But my happiness was short-lived. Unfortunately, the event did not match up to my expectations. Maybe I expected too much? I don’t know.


So this was how it was. We visited the flower and garden show on Sunday the 29th May with our friends H & H and their girl L. Since it is school holiday season now, I did expect crowd and there was. So start early – the gates open at 9am. Else, you might be in for a “parking” nightmare. The earlier you go, you might probably get a parking lot near the entrance. And we did get one. We chose to purchase the tickets in person, you can beat the queue (literally) and get them online. If you are an expat working in Malaysia, take your passports/copies of work permit or your iKad or iPass with you, you will get the MyKad rate. The tickets for the Magical Garden are separate and you can purchase them together with the entry tickets. We entered the gates at around 11.45 am.

The decorations are good, might be better for a night view, because there was a lot of LED light we saw. There are a couple of zones – Chrysanthemum Zone, Rose Zone and Lily Zone and the Bonsai and Suiseki Zone. I expected to see much more flowers though. I could see more of chrysanthemums, no roses or lilies. And lots of orchids. So, it left me feeling a bit cheated.

Some displays

So all we saw was chrysanthemums, orchids and a few other types of flowers whose name I could not figure out. There was an international display of artwork with flowers, I couldn’t learn much from it though.

Creative use of flowers in fashion

The only positive thing about the whole outing was kids had fun, there was an arts and crafts pavilion which held activities for kids – DIY Batik painting which we loved and did it twice! Chinese checkers, a decoupage workshop (of sorts).

Chinese Checkers
DIY Batik
Malay dance to entertain the audience

The other thing the kids enjoyed was the Petting Zoo which let them play with rabbits, pet them. There was a cat pavilion next door as well, where you could take home a pet cat or rabbits or birds. I am not patronizing this activity because I felt the rabbits were a bit too scared by the sudden human invasion. It was a sad sight but the kids enjoyed cuddling them and petting them.

There are a lot of food options, a Food Truck Valley but no specific place to sit and eat, I mean no Food Court as such. There was only one toilet (Tandas Awam) which was perennially having a snake-like queue outside. By evening, they had set up mobile toilets (i havent used one before, but there is no flush mechanism, how would they ensure hygiene?) So the negative point – lack of toilets.

Drip Irrigation for plants

It was sweltering hot the day we went and the occasional covered areas had Aircon which was a blessing!

Oh, I forgot to mention about the Magical Garden – I am very sorry, there was nothing magical about it. In fact, a waste of the RM 10 we paid. Total nonsense, but we could be in the cooler atmosphere for about 10-12 minutes, so a plus point there.

I had read great reviews on the internet for this show but it turned out otherwise. Kids had a great day outside, eating what they wanted, running around and what not. But as a theme, it did not click, in my opinion.

By the time we started to head back home it was about 9 pm, but to our surprise, we could see a very long queue even at that time, for entry tickets! The show is open until midnight on weekends, so that explains it.

We did not go on the cruise ride, found it a bit expensive. I would prefer the Tasik Putrajaya over this.

Plan your day and go, if at all you decide to head there. Take umbrellas, caps, hats, coolers, hand fans to keep the heat away. There is a lot of food and drink everywhere so you can fill yourselves anytime.


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