The Great Indian Head Shake or the Indian Head Bobble

indian head shake

Is it in-born, is it a quality peculiar to Indians alone? I am looking for answers to these questions but am not sure of the answers… I am still looking for an answer..

Wondering what the image above has to do with this post? Well, the Indian head shake or the head bobble is something like how this doll (called the Thanjavur Bommai) does. Watch this.

Well I do it myself all the time, if it is a yes, i wobble my head and if it is a no, i do the same thing. I realised this gesture caused a lot of confusion among foreigners when interacting with Indians!! My trainer from the UK would give us a presentation everyday and at the end of the session, she would ask us, “Now does that make sense?” and as usual we all would wobble our heads. She would get agitated and say, ” Should I take that for a yes or a no??” Poor thing, how much we tortured her..

I have got similar comments from my dear colleagues in Malaysia… at the end of a discussion, when everyone would be nodding their heads to denote affirmative, I would be the only person who would wobble my head. So my “boss” Jerry Hang would ask, “Erm… is that a yes or a no?” Hahaha it would be so funny to me, I don’t know how I can change myself.. I would certainly think this habit is in our DNA.

Well I am not ashamed or scared at admitting that I too do it most of the time… arey it is peculiarly Indian.. be proud friends 😀

More than me explaining it, I think this video perfectly does the job, watch it and have fun!


Do you have any peculiar movements like this in your culture? Share it with us!

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