Snorkeling at Tioman Island

Tioman Island is home to loads of coral reefs, it is one among the popular scuba diving sites in this part of the world. It surely is a place of interest for marine biologists and aqua-life enthusiasts.

So what did we do at Tioman Island? No doubt, snorkeling was the one main activity we did. We stayed for approximately 2.5 days on the island, one whole day was reserved for snorkeling, the other 2 days were spent in travel, sigh.


It is advisable to choose the in-house operator for your snorkeling/island hopping trips. They offer a variety of packages, choose as per your interests and do not forget to negotiate the rate with the person in-charge. We took the full day trip and snorkeled at at least 4 points – Coral Island, Genting Island, Shark Point, Renggis Island and the Marine Park. We had lunch at the Salang island – food was good, surprising to see quite a bit of variety and even vegetarian options!

Me n S at one of the islands

Similar to Redang, water is emerald-green or a lovely blue reflecting the skies. The waters have oh-so-many fishes! S just squealed with excitement every time a school of fish moved near her. I am sincerely sorry for not taking underwater images, believe me it was out of this world…

Renggis Island has some lovely coral that you might be able to touch with your feet when floating, remember not to harm the coral.

Tioman Island, (I read somewhere), underwent a vast bleaching of its corals a few years back, and you can see it for yourself. A lot of the coral at the bottom is white! But I was pleasantly surprised to see some green and pink coloured coral as well.

Salang Island

You will be in for a surprise, to get a glimpse of monitor lizards running around on the islands, swimming in the waters. Stay away from them. You can encounter a lot of monkeys as well – long-tailed macaques to be precise.

Lovely beaches at Tioman Island

You could also spend time at the resort’s private beach or the pool, since it was way too hot, we just spent time on the lounge chairs!!

So, when are you planning a trip to Tioman? Let me know what you loved the most about the island!

Travel Tips:

  1. The island is closed from November to February like Redang, plan your trip accordingly.
  2. Sand flea bites can be nasty, take precaution.
  3. You will get royally tanned, so take adequate precaution if you are worried about your skin tone 😀

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