This will be my travelogue

We travelled quite a bit as family and am continuing this after marriage as well. I must thank my stars for having given a travel loving husband. After the wedding, I moved to a place which is not so very well-known to Indians or the people from the Western world, I am indeed blessed to get to live very close to nature. Empty beaches, greenery as far as the eye can see.. it is really beautiful in this part of the world. Ok.. wondering which place I am talking of?  This place is referred to as Borneo Island – consisting of 3 countries viz, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. I live in the Malaysian Borneo which consists of 2 states – Sarawak and Sabah, both incredibly beautiful places. The Indonesian Borneo consists of Kalimantan and the forests and the last is Brunei Darussalam, a small but beautiful kingdom.

2012-10-19 16.25.38

Borneo is the rainforest of this part of the world – it is second only to the Amazon hosting a wide variety of plant, animal, insect species and what not. Having moved around quite a bit in Malaysian Borneo I will be writing of my experiences and the places I visited in this part of the island. Keep reading… more coming up!

(in picture, one of the many roads of Miri, where we lived)

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