Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Travel Guide – Activities That Might Interest You

This is one post that I have been requested for, I don’t know how many times, I lost count. So finally I have decided to put it in writing to help people who are visiting Malaysia. If you have all the time, you can spend it in Malaysia. But if you are the typical tourist with 3-4 days then too there is quite a bit you can do in KL/Malaysia. If you have a week, and wish to cover the capital KL (Kuala Lumpur) you can club it with another place like Langkawi or Penang. 

Weather in Malaysia is tropical which means it is sunny all the time. When visiting this country, pack light cotton clothes. It can rain anytime so you might need an umbrella as well. If you can bring one, fine else ask your hotel to lend you one. Not to forget goggles, hats, caps and lots of water (you will find it in the umpteen number of 7-elevens in the city). Keep yourself hydrated at all times.

So what is a typical itinerary for 3 days in Kuala Lumpur. This would be my suggestion, plan it as it suits you. I am listing the places you can cover in the 3 days that you are here. If you want me to add any further info, please do leave a message.

  1. Petronas Towers/ Twin Towers

Petronas Towers during the day
Petronas Towers during the day

These are the iconic twin towers, tallest twin towers in the world. Ideally I would suggest you visit them in the evening. You can get to see them in their full glory and splendour when they are lit up late evening. You can also watch the Musical Fountain which starts at around 745 pm/8 pm in the evening. There is a park/play area for kids which has a pool as well, so you can start in the evening say 4, play in the park (if you have kids, they will love it) and then come back to the main area for the musical fountain. You could have dinner at Suria KLCC and also do some shopping. You could choose to go up the towers, for a fee. Do check their website for timings and fee.

2. Batu Caves

Lord Murugan Batu Caves Temple
Lord Murugan Batu Caves Temple

Yet another icon that Kuala Lumpur is known for is the temple for the Hindu god Muruga. This temple is known for its limestone caves which are  said to be 400 million years old,  is located in Gombak, Selangor – about 20-30 minute drive from city centre.  You can board the Komuter line from KL Sentral and get off at Batu Caves station right outside the temple. The statue is one of the tallest in the world, at 42.7m. There are 272 steps you need to climb reach the sanctum sanctorum. If you notice, the entrance to the cave is shaped like a “vel” (spear). Watch out for the monkeys that can turn fierce, trying to grab whatever we might be having in hand. The climb is a bit steep so people with breathing difficulties, people with fear of heights, think well before you climb. Thaipusam (a festival that falls during the Tamil month of Thai – between Jan 15 and Feb 15) is surely a time to visit. The display of bhakti is immense, something I can never see anywhere else in the world. There are a couple of temples on the ground level, you can try visiting them. You can read more here

3. KL Bird Park

Located inside the Taman Botani Perdana or Botanical Gardens, this one is Asia’s largest walk-in aviary. Has several different kinds of birds living inside. Peacocks, owls, parrots, parakeets, hornbills and what not. Kids will love it, but keep your umbrellas, caps, hats, shades handy. You can check their website for the feeding schedule and plan accordingly. You will have to walk a lot inside so wear good shoes and stay hydrated. You can find great food at the Hornbill restaurant inside the park.

4. Aquaria KLCC

Another interesting spot for kids, lots of marine creatures. Do check their website for admission fees and timings. You could club this activity with the KLCC twin tower visit. Start with this one, end the day with the musical symphony with the glittering towers in the background!

5. Merdeka Square/Dataran Merdeka

The biggest flag pole at Merdeka Square
The biggest flag pole at Merdeka Square

This was where the Malayan flag was hoisted declaring independence (merdeka = independence in malay) on the midnight of 31st Aug 1957. You can also see the tallest flag pole where the Malaysian flag is seen dancing with the breeze. The annual independence day parade is conducted here. From here you can visit the Textile Museum, Central Market in Pasar Seni, Petaling Street Pasar Seni – walkable distance. All the important buildings are located in this area – DBKL, Police Headquarters, important banks and their headquarters. You can also visit the KL City Gallery here, you will get to learn lot of interesting information about the city.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Merdeka Square
Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Merdeka Square

Merdeka Square is one of KL’s best known landmark, this space is located opposite the Abdul Samad building.

6. KL Tower /Menara KL

Menara KL or KL Tower
Menara KL or KL Tower

This is another huge structure in Kuala Lumpur, called KL Tower or Menara KL. It stands at a height of 421m. You can get the best view of the city and the surrounding districts from its observation deck and revolving restaurant called Atmosphere 360. At the foot of the Tower is Bukit Nanas, a surviving area of rainforest in the heart of the city which is open to explore.  (Ref)

7. KL Railway Station (old)

Old KL Railway Station
Old KL Railway Station

The old railway station in Kuala Lumpur is indeed an interesting place to be at, you can check out the station if you travel by the KTM Komuter line. You can read more here

8. Lake Gardens

2015-05-16 18.16.01
Lake Gardens

A green lung in the heart of the city, one of the best things for us in Kuala Lumpur. Just a stone’s throw away from where we stay and almost a weekly affair. Read more about it here

Apart from the variety of plants/trees/flora, you can also see a Deer Park, and nearby you have the Bird Park, Orchid/Hibiscus Park, National Mosque and a lot more.

7. Petaling Street; Central Market

In the heart of the city, you have the “Chinatown” or Petaling Street as it is famously known.  You have loads of options for food, shopping, temples – Chinese as well as Indian, the famous Maha Mariamman temple is located here. Very close to the Petaling Street is the Central Market where you can find lots of local artists’ work, Malaysian handicrafts, wood work, batik etc You can reach this place by LRT, get off at Pasar Seni station or take whichever bus that is heading to Pasar Seni, the Street and Market is just a few minutes’ walk.

Kasturi Walk, on the left you can see Central Market
Kasturi Walk, on the left you can see Central Market

Do the Kasturi Walk on Jalan Hang Kasturi, you will like it.

8. Thaen Hou Temple

One more popular destinations in KL. Easily accessible from KL Sentral, just a 5-10 minute taxi ride. This temple is dedicated to the Goddess Tian Hou or Thean Hou. You can read more about it here.

9. Bukit Bintang – shopping and nightlife (Bintang Walk)

The best place for nightlife, shopping and food – Bukit Bintang. You must do the Bintang Walk. You have the electronics shopping hub – Low Yat Plaza, Sungei Wang Plaza Shopaholics will find huge satisfaction in this shopping “district” of Kuala Lumpur. One of the popular malls in this area is the up-market Pavilion mall. This is on one end, on the other end of Bintang Walk, you have the “less up-market side” – For food, you can visit Changkat, Jalan Alor and Bukit Bintang in the evenings for entertainment, food and drinks.

10. Little India

Also referred to as Brickfields, is a buzzing and popular spot among Indians (expats and tourists alike). For some of the tastiest Indian food, groceries, Indian clothes, temples you can visit this ever-lively area. There is Indian film music (mainly Tamil) booming loudly at the shops and well-lit, seems like it is deepavali everyday! Being an Indian, from Tamil Nadu, this place makes me feel at home. So for all those who are looking for amazing Indian food especially those hunting for Hotel Saravana Bhavan, come here 🙂

There are some more Indian restaurant chains in Masjid India; eg Sangeetha’s so head to Lebuh Ampang if you want more variety. For a list of places where you can have delicious yet inexpensive food, read this!

10. National Visual Arts Gallery and Istana Budaya

Istana Budaya in the background, the blue roof
Istana Budaya in the background, the blue roof

I havent been here myself, although I have been to the Titiwangsa Lake Garden just behind this place several times. This is a highly recommended place for people who are interested in art, paintings etc. Apart from this you could also check out the Istana Budya, which is something like a theatre for music, opera, classical concerts etc. right next door.

11. Royal Museum (King’s Palace)

This was formerly the official residence of the Malaysian King and Queen. It has now been converted into a museum.  Visitors can tour the official reception rooms and private apartments of the royal family. (Ref) The museum is open from 9 am to 5 pm

12.Food – Jalan Alor/ Kampung Baru

If you are game enough to try different cuisines, weird stuff like frogs, you must head to Jalan Alor. Kampung Baru is famous for its authentic local fare and has one of the largest markets that also sells food, especially during Ramadan. The variety is simply too much!

13. Theme Parks – Sunway Lagoon

A full day of fun for kids and adults alike. Please check their website for more information regarding tickets, timings and attractions offered.

14. Putrajaya

Malaysian PM Office during the day
Malaysian PM Office

You could visit the political capital of Malaysia. Putrajaya is a very well-planned city and touristy activities include a cruise at the lake. Read more about it here


Hop On Hop Off tours are available from KL Sentral, you just need to pay for the tickets and board/get off the buses when you reach the spot.

You can find the below info at different stops.


The website says there are 23 stops and covers about 70 attractions on the way. Totally worth it. Some of the places covered by Hop On Hop Off include:

  • Old Railway Station
  • KL Tower
  • Aquaria KLCC
  • Chinatown/Central Market
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Bird Park
  • Orchid/Hibiscus Garden
  • KLCC
  • Bukit Bintang/Shopping
  • Dataran Merdeka
  • Little India
  • National Palace
  • National Museum
  • Titiwangsa – Museum of Visual Arts
  • Kampung Baru/Chow Kit -food

Find out more on this website

Posting about a couple of places of interest, away from the city.

A lot of people seem to be interested in Genting Highlands, which is about 60 km from KL Sentral, an hour’s drive.

You could hire a cab or take the bus from KL Sentral. The highlands are at an altitude so if you wish to escape the heat of the city, you can go here. The cable car has been re-activated, there used to be a theme park and casino; heard they are undergoing renovation and will be opened later this year. So as of now there is not exactly a lot going on there.

Kanching Waterfalls

I heard this for the first time from a friend. This lovely place is about 30 km from city. You could take a cab to reach here. There is a trail that you can hike on and suitable for everyone. If you think you have old people who might not be able to do it, you could just stay at the recreational park. I heard there are 7 tiers of waterfalls and pretty beautiful sight.

What to buy from here:

Pewter! Malaysia is known for this and you can find some great stuff at Royal Selangor stores all over the country.

Where to shop (Malls)

Pavilion Mall, Berjaya Times Square Mall, Suria KLCC, Midvalley Megamall are some of the more popular ones within the city.

Almost all the tourist spots can be reached by foot or if you use the Monorail/LRT/Komuter. Taxis are always available, most taxi drivers are friendly but do insist on meter fare if they ask otherwise.

I hope this was quite comprehensive for you to refer to. Do let me know if you have feedback or want me to cover any other place of interest.

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  2. I loved KL and all of Malaysia when I was there, but that was over 10 years ago now! Great reminders to the wonderful things you can do. I remember going to monster Butterfly garden too, just amazing! I spent a whole month traipsing Malaysia, such a great time! And wonderful food…

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