Weekend fun at Taman Metropolitan Kepong

Weekends are an excuse to drive down to the park, be it nearby like the Lake Gardens or slightly further away from home like Taman Metropolitan Kepong. This park is also known as Kepong Metropolitan park or Kite Garden as we prefer to address it as 😀

So this park, located around 15-20 km away from KL Sentral is a huge park, having a lake as well in its premises.  There is a running route of around 3.5 km in the park. A huge and lovely lake where one could do a boat ride as well, simply marvellous.



Apart from these two activities, there is a huge area near the main entrance where people fly kites!!! Yes, once we got to know of this, we immediately bought one (S wanted a “Minion” kite). And unleashed the child in us with that cute kite!

Little S flying her kite
Little S flying her kite

Unlike early days, these kites are made of something like rexin cloth and the thread used to fly them are something like silk thread and not the usual MANJA (made with glass pieces) As kids, we were only allowed to help the kite take off, for those big boys in our colony. We werent allowed to touch the thread nor fly the kites. This was our ultimate chance and a lovely experience.

There are two entrances to the park, with lots of parking spaces – people do park on the main road itself. The place can be filled with people on weekends, so if you wish to find a parking spot start early. The sun can be a bit cruel so take shades, hats along if you wish to fly kites.

This park also has a lake in its premises and you can do an hour of boating using the “electric” boats. We tried it during one of our umpteen number of visits and paid RM 50 for an hour. Well, do keep an eye out for the buoys popping out from the water, the rudder of the electric boat can get caught in the long ropes holding the buoy. Yes, this happened to us and we were caught for almost 40 minutes in the middle of the lake. They did “rescue” us by untangling the ropes but we were unable to spend more time doing the boating.

Little S "driving" the electric boat
Little S “driving” the electric boat

If the evening is breezy, you are lucky – you can fly your kite and not sweat it out due to the powerful sunlight. Overall, we would highly recommend this place as a weekend activity for you and your children.

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  1. The garden looks like a nice place to take kids out in the evening. Brought back childhood memories of visiting gardens in the evenings with my parents. The kite flying is another childhood passion.

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