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Well, Tsim Sha Tsui is quite a busy area with loads of malls and branded stores so if you are looking to shop high-end brands, this is a good place to start at. Other places where you could find branded stuff include Central, Causeway Bay. But if you are looking to shop at a flea market where you can bargain then you must head to Mong Kok or Jordan.

Where to go?

Mong Kok is famous for its “Ladies Market” which stretches about a kilometre in length and lined with stalls selling everything under the sun. From purses to bags to clothes to caps, hats and toys – you name it you will find it!

So after roaming near Causeway Bay and the Avenue of Stars (see here) during the first half, we headed to Mong Kok after lunch as suggested by my good friend A. Mong Kok is a couple of stations from TST.  The market opens after 12 noon or 1 pm and goes on till night. There is so much to shop, you will surely go mad! We did this activity for 2 days and bought loads of stuff, some of which were pretty great deals to be honest. Do check out the trinkets, cosmetics, home furnishings, mobile related stuff. There are shops on the either sides of the road as well, apart from the make-shift stalls.

Some of them are OK to bargain, while some can be very upset if you ask them to give a best price. I got some nice skirts and tops for throwaway prices, bags and t-shirts are competitive prices – the quality was good and so was the price compared to malaysian standards. Mind you, most (if not all) the stuff is coming from mainland China. So choose what you want to buy and from where. Apart from Mong Kok, you could try the Jordon night market near Jordon station. We didnt have much time so we skipped that.

If you are not the type to shop at a flea market, you have loads of branded stores all over Hong Kong, be it TST or Causeway Bay. There are loads of malls every where in the city, you will find one without much effort 🙂

The trip is officially over! We head back to the airport on the Airport bus. So long Hong Kong!

View from bus to airport
Airport Bus

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